• Last date for Abstract submission: 28/01/2019 ****** Last date for Early Bird Registration: 15/02/2019


  • Participants made on-line payment for Registration fee & Accommodation charges are requested to bring and show the copy of transaction for verification, if require.
  • All the student participants, who paid for accommodation charges in Non-AC Hostel (share room) has been arranged and it is confirmed as per the dates indicated in Filled Regn  Form. All the participants must carry Photo-ID with address and produce the same, if demand ((mandatory for staying in Govt. Accommodation).
  • Program Schedule of C-MET’s Annual Foundation Dayand Technical Sessions ofInt’l Conference of Supercapacitors, Energy storage & Applications(ICSEA-2019)Venue: TMCAA Academic Complex, Govt. Medical College, Thrissur-680581, Kerala


  1. Dr. R Ratheesh, C-MET, Hyderabad
  2. Dr. B B Kale, C-MET, Pune
  3. Dr. R Prasad Rao Prog. Coord. C-MET
  4. Dr. V Kumar, C-MET, Thrissur
  5. Mrs. Radha Jaisimha, Registrar, C-MET
  6. Mr. G B Rao, S.F.O., C-MET
  7. Mr. T K Anilkumar, C-MET, Thrissur
  8. Dr. S N Potty, C-MET, Thrissur
  9. Dr. Stanley Jacob, C-MET, Thrissur
  10. Dr.  T Radhika, C-MET, Thrissur
  11. Dr. T Karthik, C-MET, Thrissur
  12. Dr. R S Kalubarme, C-MET, Thrissur
  13. Dr. M N Muralidharan, C-MET, Thrissur
  14. Dr. Rani Panicker, C-MET, Thrissur
  15. Dr. A Chowdhary, C-MET, Thrissur